School bus monitoring




School Bus Monitoring

School Bus monitoring systems is not only counting children in the bus but who is in the bus. Making sure that child boards and alights the right bus. The entire procedure should be documented for corrective and emergency situations.

“Right Child in the Right Bus “  is “ A stitch in time that saves Nine”

A child in the wrong school bus is generally detected at the end of trip. Parents and school staff is in panic, frantic calls are made to trace the child. The bus needs to return to school incurring extra expense. In case of accident, bus failure or delays, it is necessary to know who are in the bus.

DDS handheld devices for school bus attendance are the right devices to detect

  1. “Right Child in the Right Bus”
  2. Monitoring who are inside the bus at all times
  3. On line data communication with web server
  4. Emergency SMS to parents from hand held device
  5. Easy integration with any educational ERP
  6. Cost effective and Make in India

Highlights of Static Reader

  1. Simple cost effective Bus attendance reader
  2. Easily located at the entry/ exit points
  3. External GPRS module
  4. RS232 output for integration to existing GPS modules
  5. Student ID card UID transmitted immediately to GPRS/ GPS module

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