RFID long range reader

Tracking with RFID long range reader

RFID long range reader tracks vehicles, trolleys, pallets, or any assets. Organization like factories, offices, housing complex needs to monitor entry and exits of their assets. The reader is mounted on the pole at entry/ exit gates. Assets are fixed with RFID tags like tags are pasted to vehicles on the windscreen. Special tags are used on metals. When these assets pass through the entry/ exit gates the are detected by the RFID long range reader. The tags

These long range readers are used to detect authorized vehicles at entry of housing complexes to unlock the boom barrier toll, parking.

They are suitable for asset tracking, laptop tracking, trolley tracking and bullock cart tracking. Other applications are monitoring work in progress (WIP), warehouse, inventory etc.



RFID long range portable readers are deployed to capture data from shelves, pallets, fixed assets etc. They are very convenient for searching and sorting RFID tagged items.