RFID access control reader

RFID access reader

rfid access reader is versatile, cost effective & reliable security security solution. rfid access reader is suitable for number of applications like, door access, boom barriers, turnstiles, elevator access, machines access, authentication, asset tracking etc.

To operate, the cardholder simply shows his card and enters.

AC 7000 RFID access control has built in RS232/ RS485/ TCP/IP or USB interface for communication with PC/ server.

Access reader is housed in a standard electrical box for flush mounting giving your facility a touch of exclusiveness and class.

The “Administrator” has an option to allow entry to selected cardholders.

Ideal for gaming, club houses, health clubs, swimming pools, elevators.

access reader installed in elevators permits authorize use use of elevators. For high rise buildings it provides floor wise access and multi floor authorization.


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