Asset management

Asset management

Tracking WIP

Asset management solutions provide valuable real-time information, making it easy to follow the circulation of your resources. Assets are tracked as they move from section to section or in and out of the facility.

Here are some common problems we help our clients fix: Products that become lost in circulation or pile up in certain places. Long delays in assessment reporting. Difficulty in information handling and the cheap wholesale soccer jerseys complexity of the reports.

We can help you find an efficient, functional and easy-to-use solution.

asset management Trolley tracking

Trolley tracking

asset management Tractor tracking

Tractor tracking

asset management Cylinder Tracking

Cylinder Tracking









Walk through RFID reader





Movement and location of trolleys and parts is recorded in a manufacturing plant with RFID








Sugarcane arriving for crushing Cheap Elite NFL Jerseys Online is recorded with RFID








Circulation of cylinders from refilling station to distributor/ customer and return is recorded in real time with RFID












Walk through RFID reader for Attendance , Library , Asset tracking.